About us

Welcome to Wind Designs: The Flag Shop!  Founded in 1991 by Ed & Marie Gontram, we are a “Mom & Pop business” based out of Wake Forest, NC.

The business started as a fun hobby for Marie, a creative and talented stay-at-home mom. In 1986, after admiring flags while on vacation with her family of 6, she began making flags for her home. In 1991, Marie began selling her custom flags at local gift shows and street festivals, with Ed (a retired IBMer) at her side.  It was not long before the demand for her flags took off and far exceeded her supply. That’s when Marie and Ed decided to expand Wind Designs and start selling beautiful flags that were produced by other manufacturers.  Marie’s one requirement – the flags had to be of the highest quality.

Their decision paid off. Marie’s knack for picking out high-quality, attractive flags and outdoor decor products that were sought after by consumers was spot on. And it still is today.  Beautiful products paired with excellent customer service have kept this company going strong. In addition to gift shows and festivals, Wind Designs offers its products online, with most orders shipping out within 24 hours of receipt (thanks to Ed’s hard work in the “mail room”!).

After 27 years in business, the couple still does most of the work by themselves with a little help from their four grown children and their spouses, and their 10 grandchildren (thank you, Nathan, for creating this website!). They are passionate about selling only the best (at fair prices) and pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. If you’d like more information from them about their business or their products, please don’t hesitate to give them a call at 919-453-1488 or email at ewinddesigns@gmail.com.